I recently put out of poll in the Rise Women Community – curious to know which women tracked there menstrual cycles, how the did, and also gave women the opportunity to ask why they should in the first place. 

Below I will give you some great ways to start tracking your cycle, how to tune into your body consistently and give it what it need during each phase, but first I wanted to fill you in on WHY you should consider tracking your monthly cycle. 

So why track your cycle? Here are a few reasons, through there are many!

  1. Body – Awareness 

We are so conditioned to go go go and keep up with the fast pace of everyday life, all month long. Many women find themselves burnt out at certain times of the month, and out of touch with their inner world. Tracking your cycle will automatically give you some insight on what’s going on inside your body and a better understanding of how you can care for yourself, so that you can plan your month and days accordingly. That’s right, I plan my business/personal life activities according to my cycle and non coincidentally business has never been better nor have I felt more aligned! Why is this not the norm? We are cyclic beings after all.

  1. Self- Compassion 

Body awareness and self-compassion go hand in hand. I spent years in a vicious cycle of negative self talk when each month I would be going going going, and then mad at myself for no longer having the energy to stay consistent. Consistent in my work, exercise, nutrition, sex drive and the list goes on…When you are connected to your body you can know what to expect and give yourself compassion and rest when it needs it, knowing that if you do, you will come back stronger than ever in your Spring phase. (More on phases in the guide here)

  1. Nutrition 

Believe it or not, it’s recommended that we eat differently depending on where we are at in our cycle. After all, our bodies are going through different things throughout the month and need different fuel, and more or less energy depending on where we are at. Check out Sara Jager’s group where she offers a free intro course to find out more about how nutrition and our cycle is connected!

  1. Female Empowerment 

When we are numb to the fact that we are cyclic beings who transform internally we lose touch with our feminine nature. Cycle awareness has the power to unlock so much magical potential within us and through my personal experience tapping into my body consciousness has activated this superwoman energy within me. I became more proud to be a woman, more in touch with my intuition and more open to deep connections with other women, not to mention nature Herself. I wish that for you too! 

So how do you track your cycle. 

-You can do so through a simple and straightforward mobile app (I recommend Flo).

-You can block out weeks on your monthly calendar (Google calendar is great for this, you can repeat weeks and add snack/meal ideas in the notes)

-You can keep a daily journal. This doesn’t have to be long, you could simply use a day calendar and write in the daily space)

Whether you journal daily or not throughout your cycle I would recommend that at the beginning of each phase when you start to sense that transition that you take a few moments to journal and reflect.

Here are some questions you could meditate on at the start of each phase: 

Spring – Rise & Shine

What am I most excited about right now?

How can I prepare myself before I take action on the projects and plans I have?

Who can I surround myself with? What people can I reach out to?

What does self-care look like for me this week?

Summer – Action & Flow 

Where can I take action?

What can I prioritize?

Who can I reach out to for support?

How can I create space for myself this week?

Fall – Release & Let Go 

What thought or feeling can I let go of this week?

Who or what do I need to release?

How can I release in a healthy way & for the highest good of all?

What can I do this week to ensure that I have the space I need during my winter season next week?

Winter – Reflection & Rest

How am I feeling and how can I honor those feelings? 

What are my gains from the last 3 weeks?

What would I like to try differently next cycle?

How can I rest and reset this week?

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