Celebrate all that you are...

Boudoir Photography in the Greater-Montreal Area

Rise Boudoir experiences are about so much more than the beautiful customized images and products you will leave the studio with.

They are about connecting to your body, your femininity and feeling the freedom that comes from being able to share and celebrate yourself with confidence.

We recognize that not every woman is at a stage where she is fully ready to celebrate her body. We are able to help you in this healing process through free resources, workbooks & courses, 1:1 Empowerment Coaching, our Self-Care Shop and a free support community.

The photographer, Cait Lemieux strives to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all the amazing ladies who walk through her door. Her private studio is located in Rosemère Quebec in the Greater Montreal area.


I absolutely loved my portraits! A must do at least once in your life!!! Thank you so much for this amazing and unforgettable experience! 

- Natalia D

Capture your inner Goddess in a light, airy and nature-inspired bath session.

  Shot in studio on a classic bed and couch setupwith your choice of up to 3 outfits.

Visit the Rise Boutique, a self-care oasis for busy women, wives, moms, leaders, and bosses.

We support women in being intentional about their self-care.

Burn’t out? You’re not alone…

By Cait Lemieux | October 14, 2021

Societies standards of productivity, popularity, beauty, worth, availability…are at an all time high. Many of us are finding ourselves out of alignment with these standards. Unable to keep up with this current demand.  The increase in mental health issues and of physical disease is proof of this.  This probably isn’t news to you.  The question …

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Moving Past “Self-Love Fluff”

By Cait Lemieux | July 11, 2021

When I began my self-love / self-awareness journey years ago, I was often frustrated when I saw posts about how we should all just love ourselves unconditionally. “Fluff” I would say. “It’s not that easy, you can’t just turn on self-love like a light switch!” or “Must be nice!”. You see, when you don’t have …

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Palm Stones – A simple way to keep your healing top of mind throughout the day!

By Cait Lemieux | April 15, 2021

We can start each day with great intentions, promise ourselves we won’t let the day get away from us, and feel determined to make this day better than the one before it. But let’s face it, more often than not, we find ourselves bogged down by the everyday distractions and quickly lose focus on what …

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