Unfortunately my kids don’t learn self-care and self-awareness practices at school.

The importance of tapping into universal energy, or the simple fact that we are energetic beings with the power to heal, calm and grow ourselves from within.

I teach them about the different energy centers, the power and influence of each center and how the earth is constantly there for them to tap into when they need it.

The results?

A sharper intuition, an empowered feeling in their bodies and trust. Trust in themselves and in the universe.

Lia loves using my oracle cards to connect with the different goddesses and their gifts. Mama Gaia being her favorite! She listens to energy cleansing sounds in the bath and at 6 knows how to close her eyes and tune into her body.

Lucah is a fan of meditation, candle magic and the power of mantras and uses a journal to release his feelings and to write empowering phrases to himself that give him courage and confidence.

This has been a build up for them to get to this point as kids are easily distracted and can get silly during these seemingly serious practices. It doesn’t have to be serious though. There are lots of ways to make mindfulness and body awareness fun.

Here are some great resources for you to get started when it comes to introducing mindfulness and body awareness practices to your kids:

INSIGHT TIMER APP – There is a full library of amazing bedtime stories, meditations, and mindfulness practices that they can choose on their own and you can heart your favorites to create a solid go to library.

YOGA INTERNATIONAL – My kids have been loving the course that the site is offering gears towards kids. I love that we can select the age group to get practices that each of my kids can relate to. The instructors are friendly and keep it simple and light.

BIG LIFE JOURNAL – We are big fans of Big Life Journal. They have an amazing email list with almost weekly freebies. I have purchased not only the journals for my kids but the yearly planning guide for the whole family so that we can set intentions and get clarity on our values and goals together.

Not every child is the same, but there are lots of different ways to quiet the monkey mind, tap into nature and dive deeper within no matter what age you are!

Have your kids joined you on your self-awareness and care journey? What benefits have you noticed?

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