I love the process of getting to know my clients during their initial phone call, in the pre-session questionnaire and while chatting during the session. Every woman has an amazing story to tell and a different vibration.

Setareh had been waiting along time to finally take the plunge and invest in this experience for herself. She struggled with body image after kids.

“After having kids, it took me years to regain my confidence. I was not comfortable wearing the clothes I liked and felt disappointed when looking at myself in the mirror.”

I think many women can relate to this as we can never really anticipate how our bodies will change, or how life will change. Yet, we have the same expectations for our bodies. I encourage the women in studio to embrace their tiger stripes and curves, they are part of our story!

After being pampered by our amazing in studio makeup artist Stefania, Setareh was all ready for the shoot. We worked through three different sets, and although I helped guide her along the way in her poses, she was a total natural and was so excited by her images.

“Looking at my pictures makes me feel more proud and confident. It felt good to connect with my body and appreciate it. I felt sexy and confident throughout the session.”

Moral of the story – why wait?! You are beautiful just the way you are, right now. And like Setareh says “Be confident no matter what, because confidence is sexy!”. I totally agree! Be your own kind of sexy!

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