On this women’s day, let’s celebrate some of our favorite women in history!

1. Amelia Earheart | 1897 — disappeared 1937

Why We Love Her: Amelia Earheart was an American aviation pioneer. She is widely famous for being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She wrote amazing inspiring books that empowered many women to be courageous and to go beyond what was considered acceptable and expected from women at the time. She was an essential part in the creation of an all female pilot organization. She and her co-pilot disappeared in 1937, a mystery that puzzles researchers to this day. 

What She Teaches Us: Do the damn thing. Be brave. When presented with an opportunity, give it all you’ve got!

2. Marie Curie | 1867 — 1934

Why We Love Her: Marie Curie was a Polish scientist – in fact, she’s still considered one of the most famous scientists in the world – and first female winner of the Nobel Prize. Her groundbreaking work around radioactivity led to the creation of X-Rays, the discovery of two chemical elements, and aided in countless other developments toward treating illnesses. 

What She Teaches Us: Start somewhere and keep pushing on. One discovery will lead to another and another. You may never know the impact of what you give to the world, but give it all anyway. 

3. Maya Angelou | 1928 — 2014

Why We Love Her: Maya Angelou was a passionate writer, actor, singer, director and civil rights activist – among many other things. She empowered women to be multifaceted and unapologetic in speaking their truth. She stood up for and inspired those who felt unheard and ignored through her many amazing poems and books which told her powerful story. Through her authenticity she paved the way for women to speak up about their rights, economics, race, and sexual oppression during a time when this was not the norm.

What She Teaches Us: If You Don’t Like Something – Change It! Own and Celebrate Your Sexuality. Colour and Diversity Are The Richest Tapestry in Life. 

4. Anne Frank | 1929 — 1945

Why We Love Her: Anne Frank was a German-Dutch Jewish victim of the Holocaust. Throughout her and her family’s time in hiding she kept a diary of her experiences. The book “The Diary of a Young Girl” provides a raw window into the hardship and emotional turmoil Jews faced. Her writings are a treasure because they paint the picture of her unbreakable spirit. For Anne, writing was a safe escape where she could process all that was happening around her. But for us, her story is a beautiful tale of family and love for each other and life. It teaches us so much more than she could’ve even imagined.

What She Teaches Us: We all have a story to tell. Whatever you story is, believe that the world NEEDS to hear it. We are connected by our shared experiences. 

5. Malala Yousafzai | 1997 — still living

Why We Love Her: Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head about publicly speaking out against women’s rights to education in Pakistan. She was only 15. She survived and went on to tell her story and the story of so many other girls and women living in Pakistan. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, at just 17 years old, and continues to be a champion for women’s rights.

What She Teaches Us: Have courage to do the right thing. Believe in how things should be and fight for it. 

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