Empowerment Coaching
& the empowered woman bundle


Empowerment Coaching
& the empowered woman bundle



Vanessa D'Amours

Healer, Coach & workshop creator

AKA - 'Vanessa Loves' is an empowerment guide, medicine woman, sensuality coach and sacred sexual mystic.

She is passionate about helping women reclaim their sensual power, activate their magnetism and awaken the wisdom of their heart so they can radiate sexy confidence, experience deeper intimacy and manifest an orgasmic life.


Through her 1:1 private sessions, she will guide you in:

  • Releasing the shame around your body and sexuality
  • Healing your womb of unresolved traumas and emotional wounds
  • Creating rituals to create an intimate and sensual relationship with yourself
  • Unlocking your orgasmic potential


If you are ready to explore deeper what it means to be in touch with your femininity reclaim your sensual power and celebrate your transformation and healing with a photo shoot than this is the perfect package for you!

What's Included:


5 Weekly 1 hour Sensual Empowerment Sessions

Yoni egg crystal

Sacred Sensuality Bundle

(guided practices and meditations)

 with Healer and Coach Vanessa D’Amours



(Classic or Goddess Style)

5 - 8x10 Matted Prints

Hair and Makeup